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How can Counselling and Psychotherapy help me?

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Counselling and psychotherapy works by helping us to make sense of the difficulties we experience at the various stages of our lives. While we all go through times when we feel a bit down, upset, confused, disappointed or disillusioned we can become ‘stuck’ in this space and find it difficult to see a way out. This is where counselling can help. Counselling and psychotherapy provides us with a safe, professional and confidential space to talk openly, process our thoughts and emotions and to reframe the problem we’re faced with.

While counselling can help us with a specific and usually short term problem, psychotherapy works by helping us uncover unconscious processes at a deeper level. By developing awareness of our thoughts, emotions and behavior, we can free ourselves up and find more helpful ways of responding. This is opposed to how we usually react in repetitive and unproductive patterns to the people and situations in our lives.

The aim of counselling and psychotherapy is to give us the insight and skill to become our own counsellor so we can successfully deal with difficulties that will inevitably arise again once counselling has ended.

Going for counselling takes courage as it involves facing our difficulties and asking for help. We sometimes believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness, however I believe the opposite is true. Asking for help is a positive step forward. My experience is that clients leave counselling with more confidence, clarity, and better coping skills and therefore better able to manage their lives.

The counselling session is your space and it’s my job to work with you as we explore the areas of your life where you are experiencing difficulty. If I cannot help you, I will do my best to advise you of the person or organisation who can best meet your specific needs.

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