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Ask Me

Are you looking for a professional counselling service in Kildare? If so, I would love to help!

How Long Will I Need to Come For?

As you may imagine this varies significantly between clients. It usually depends on what you’re looking for from therapy. If you want help with one particular issue you may only need six sessions. 

If you’re looking for deeper and more transformative changes this usually requires an understanding of how your formative years have shaped you into the person you have become today. This process can take a number of months and sometimes longer.  

Can I Leave if I Decide It’s Not For Me?

Yes absolutely, while I may recommend further work, it is up to you how long you would like to attend for.

How Much Does A Session Cost?

A session costs €65 per hour. 

Will My Health Insurance Cover It?

This will depend on your insurer and your specific policy. Many insurers will cover the cost of some or all of the sessions provided the therapist is fully accredited by the Irish Association for Councillors and Psychotherapists (IACP). 

Are You An Accredited Member Of The IACP?

Yes I’m a fully up to date and accredited member of the IACP.

How Often Will I Need To Come ?

Generally speaking, sessions are held on a weekly basis. This allows our relationship to develop as the therapy is regular and consistent. This allows you to get into the flow of your process and get a faster and deeper understanding of your experiences. After the initial 6 sessions, and if you choose to go further, you may wish to move to a fortnightly or monthly basis if this feels more manageable for you.

Is Therapy Completely Confidential ?

Counselling and psychotherapy is a totally confidential service in almost all situations. However it is important to point out that in certain circumstances ethical and legal obligations must be considered, such as the Child Protection Act (protecting the rights and welfare of children and minors). I will fully explain confidentiality to you in the first session.

What Happens If I Need to Cancel a Session?

If you need to cancel a session I require 24 hours’ notice. If you are unable to cancel with less than the agreed period of notice I will ask that you pay for the missed session which we will discuss at our first session.

I’ve Experienced Trauma. Do You Do Long Term Work?

Yes. I have experience of dealing with childhood and other types of trauma. If you have experienced deeply rooted childhood trauma you may require longer term therapeutic work. While it requires a deep commitment it can have deeply profound and positive results leading to real and lasting transformation.  

Will I Start Feeling Better Straight Away?

Again this varies between clients. For some they feel an immediate relief after coming for their first appointment and beginning to discuss the issue they are having a problem with. For others it starts to bring up difficult emotions which have being buried for a long time. However these feelings usually subside after a few sessions. 

How Do I Begin ?

Please contact me directly by phone or email and we can discuss what you need and you can ask me any questions you may have. 


“Eimear continues to be a huge huge help to me during what has been a very difficult time in my life, managing trauma related issues from my past which have been causing me a lot of confusion and huge worry which has made me feel a bit lost in my life. I am just so glad that I got in touch with Eimear for apart from her undoubted professional counselling and psychotherapy skills I have found her to be a really warm, kind and a very compassionate person in whom you can fully trust. It is clear that Eimear really cares passionately about the well being of those who come to see her. She has guided me towards finding peace of mind”.

Client Experience